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Our Story

Janice Sutton first helped a friend declutter and redecorate their home in 2006. After her friend's home received three offers the first week, she began to ask other friends and realtors if they needed her help too.

After frequent success, she went on to found 1st Stage - Property Transformation. She founded 1st Stage in Murrieta, CA all with the goal to help people in her local community sell their homes.  

Today 1st Stage serves well beyond our local community and dresses up
NAKED properties in the five major counties of Southern California, so they can all find hot dates and get undressed! 

Janice's passion for eye-catching design, minimal aesthetic, and clean spaces has laid the foundation for 1st Stage to be one of Southern California's top home staging companies - with over 500 homes staged in 2018 alone!

We currently have a 9,600 ft2 warehouse in Murrieta with over 5000 items in our online inventory system. Our high powered and detail-oriented team consists of our Lead Stagers, Assistant Stagers, StagEngineers, an Inventory Specialist, and a Quality Assurance Manager. Contact us to see how our team can help your property become staged!

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